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A Safe Environment for The People Who Mean the Most

Celtic is a leading environmental contractor for residential hazardous clean up projects.  Remediation, mitigation and abatement in homes present unique challenges that we are familiar with. With residential projects, additional precautions are necessary to prevent damage to home finishes and furniture.


We are there to help with what may seem to be overwhelming and are ready and equipped to make the process as easy and quickly as possible to get you and your family back to a healthy normal.


If your home was built before 1988 chances are that there are hazardous materials in your home.  Asbestos containing materials (ACM) were commonly used on walls, floors, window sealants, attic and pipe insulation including vermiculite, HVAC units and ceilings.  When asbestos materials are damaged, fibers can be released into the air causing serious health complications, including lung cancer and mesothelioma.  


Disturbances of lead base paint during a remodeling or renovation projects on homes or buildings constructed prior to 1978 pose serious health threats to young children and pregnant women.  Ingested lead paint in children leads to developmental problems.

Mold & Water Damage

Water damage and moisture also presents air quailty issues in certain conditions leading to mold damage and potential breathing problems for individuals with compromised allergy and lung conditions such as asthma.

Celtic Environmental has performed thousands of residential abatement and mitigation projects.  Our experience can provide home owners peace of mind with the knowledge that Celtic is on the job.

Questions?  Give us a call and our experts will be happy to speak with you about the process.

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